As a child, Chantal Lacout played with clay, and had an obsession with owls.
Years later, she lived in the 14th district in Paris, not far from Giacometti’s
studio, and was drawn to the artist and to his work
which continues to influence her own.
She studied art at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts, before continuing in various studios
run by the city of Paris. She soon participated in numerous exhibitions in France
and abroad,
and started showing her work in different galleries, selling to collectors and
to museums.
Over the years, Chantal Lacout has instinctively explored a variety of styles
and technics, but the recurrent theme of the couple has remained continuously
visible in her work.
The titles given to her sculptures often bring to mind Paul Geraldy’s book of
poems «Toi et Moi». They provide the means for her to explore feelings which
reveal all phases of the couple.
At times, a solitary figure creeps into the cluster of couples, giving a new
dimension reflecting a certain loneliness.
Her sculpture gives substance and visibility to the emotions that dwell within
us, enabling us to appropriate and preserve a particular moment of our life.
In personifying what is universal to the human soul, Chantal Lacout captures


1986 à 1990 Salon des Indépendants – Paris

1986 à 1990 Le Cloître des Billettes – Paris

1986 à 1998 Mairie du 19è arrd – Paris

1987 – 1988 Salon Révélations – Paris

1987 – 1988 Salon de Senlis

1988 – 1990 Salon des artistes Français – Paris

1988 à 1990 Salon d'art de Mantes-la-Jolie

Médaille de la ville

1990 Salon de l'art libre – Vitry-le-Francois

Plaquette de Bronze

1990 La biennale des Femmes – Paris

1991 à 1996 Les ateliers d'Artistes de Belleville – Paris

1994 CMD – Paris

1995 LA poste du Louvre – Paris

1996 & 2001 Musée de la Marine – Paris

1998 Art Religio – Paris

1998 Mairie du 16eme arrd – Paris

1998 Mairie du 17eme arrd – Paris

1999 Mairie du 4eme arrd – Paris

1999 Forum des Halles – Paris

2000 Palais du Roi de Rome – Rambouillet

2001 & 2002 Salon Artistique – Asnières

2004 Le 6eme Atelier d'artistes de Paris

2004 & 2007 Salon des Arts – Vaucresson

2010 Galerie Rollebeck – Bruxelles

2013 Galerie Rauchfeld - Sentiments - Paris 

2015 Galerie Rauchfeld - Je d'amour - Paris

Musée de la Femme – New York

Musée Edith Piaf – Paris 11eme

Depuis 2007 Art Comparaison – La Baule

Depuis 2004 Galerie Valmay - Paris

Depuis 2009 Galerie Geneviève Marty – Cannes

Depuis 2012 Galerie Rauchfeld - Paris

Art Palm Beach - Floride 2013

Red Dot Miami, Floride, 2013

MIA seafair, Miami, Floride, 2014

Art Palm Beach, Floride, 2014

Red Dot,Basel Week, Miami, Floride, 2014

Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Floride, 2015

Art Up, Lille, France, 2015

Beirut Art Fair, Liban, 2015


France – Suèce – Japon – USA – Suisse – Allemagne – Israel - Liban






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